Needs analysis

At this stage we talk with our customers to understand their expectations. If you wish to carry out your own original projects, we will be happy to do it for you and we shall ask for detailed documentation and technical drawings.

Documentation analysis

At the moment of receiving technical documentation from our contractor, our specialists analyse it to design the entire production process and calculate its project’s duration, energy consumption, workload and raw materials needed. It helps to ensure reliable cost estimation even at the initial stage.

Price estimation

The effect of work and analyses is presented to the Customer as a quota representing the total costs within one order.

Acceptance of the price and order to execute the design

At the customer's request, we make a reference model helping to verify and fully approve the shape of the final product or a batch of goods.

Reference model

Trial production. When the reference model is ready, we send it to the client and we expect to confirm that it meets all indicted previously criteria.

Order and production

Only after having a full approval from the Customer based on the reference model we start the manufacturing of the entire batch. .

Product branding

At the Customer's request, we also add branding like logos or other visual signatures.


All products are carefully prepared for a shipment. The earlier branding procedure allows for sending them to a warehouse or directly to any destination - in accordance with the Customer's order.