Customers trust is the best motivation for development

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the market of metal products. We started with the production of light garden equipment and gradually developed technologies and knowledge for more challenging orders. Gradually investing in new machines and technologies as well as improving staff skills which sets our today’s position. Our technology park covers now almost 10,000 m2, and we can boast of cooperation with clients from almost across the globe. The efficiency of technological processes as well as the highest standards are the result of gained and continuously improved expertise based on 30 years of experience. Each order brings improvements. Our motivation and daily quality is defined by our motto: "Experience you can trust." We are satisfied being a few steps in front of customer’s needs and we are always looking forward to listen to opinions and focus on understanding needs so that projects entrusted to us are delivered. For our customers we are open for new commitments and investments.


Quality - right from the Start

The most important for us is the Quality. It doesn’t matter if it is for planning, production or shipment. We always ensure that the time and technological requirements submitted by the Client will be met even in the smallest details. We don’t finish the order unless we are sure that we are able to give to our customer a product that meets desired quality, reliability, safety, aesthetics and functionality. These are also the basic principles that we emphasise to our staff and teams and we make sure that production paths in our factory meet the strict quality criteria. All indicators are being monitored on a regular basis using proven, modern tools and process management systems.

We have a certificate ISO 9001:2015

No innovation, no creation

Willing to take up new projects and orders we realized that without modern technological solutions responding to market needs, meeting time and quality levels won’t be possible. Innovation in a natural way quickly became part of our company development policy. We sought new production possibilities, components, technologies, machines, knowledge and skills. We are still doing it. Innovation is our driving force for implementing solutions, production for customers and for all processes related to designing our own products. An innovative product for us is modern, compatible with other technologies and at the same time unique on the market. Such a way forces us to select the best machines and equipment for our production. Our customers pay a lot of attention to innovativeness therefore we are constantly improving in breakthrough technologies..

Environmental care

In the modern world, it is necessary to combine production processes improving the quality and innovativeness with a maximum environmental protection. Our nature is the ultimate value for us all. It is also the capital that will be given to our children. At DABEW we understand ecology and we are committed to saving natural resources. Our production is based on 100% recyclable steel. The shop shelves which we produce are easy to transport, have a long service life and are easy to maintain in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. These are significant ecological factors concerning mass-production and complex factory processes. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards have been used for our environmental policy implemented in our Integrated Management System. As part of this system, we monitor the reliability of raw materials and subcontractors by selecting only those meeting the highest quality standards. We follow procedures guaranteeing full compliance of the processes with legal regulations specifically in the field of environmental protection. Our highest priorities include proper selection of technologies and design solutions enabling optimal energy consumption, emission control, raw material consumption and waste management at every stage of the production and service.

We have a certificate ISO 14001:2015