The most important features of CNC technology used in our machines are speed and high precision of operation, while maintaining a full repeatability of elements even in the case of complexity of shapes. Moreover this type of machine allows one to easily program the production process, thanks to which the risk of errors is minimized, and the customer has the guarantee that the processed products will be made with the same precision and repeatability in the entire production series.

Our solutions

Bending technologies are one of the most complex and demanding processes and at the same time very common in processes of production of light, functional metal structures. This stage is very important due to the need of maintaining the highest safety parameters and aesthetics of the products manufactured and finished in such a technology. At DABEW we have several machines for precise bending of sheets and wire. Those are press brakes and a wire bending centre.

Precision thanks to our technology

All our devices operate based on modern numerical control systems (CNC). It gives the possibility of very fast, precise and highly repeatable manufacture of various complex shapes. Thanks to CNC technologies, we can guarantee equality of products within one production series and a technical compatibility of the project. The obvious advantage of bending processes using CNC is the ability to achieve the shortest time needed for completion of the project. It wouldn’t be possible without highly competent, qualified and experienced operators at DABEW.

List of DABEW CNC bending machines and the scope of their capabilities:

Wire bending machine


Bending of wire diameter ranging from 3.00 mm to 10 mm. Ideally suited for bending small and medium parts of the product.

Bending centre


Centre designed for diversified production of panels and parts, enabling bending in less than 2 seconds. It offers sheet processing up to 1000 mm with a maximum diagonal rotation of 1600 mm. The largest possible sheet thickness is 1.50 mm at a height of 127 mm.

CNC press brake


Very precise machines, designed for bending sheets up to 3108 mm long. They offer the largest range of possibilities due to bumpers controlled in six axes, which allow for bending the material on various surfaces.

CNC bending machine

RAS 73.30 Flexibend

Zaginarka CNC CNC bending machine is the ideal solution when there is a need to handle larger areas. The maximum bending length that the device allows is 3200 mm with a sheet thickness of up to 3 mm.