Our solutions and knowledge

Our machine park has been equipped with modern devices that enable maximum technological efficiency while maintaining the best time and energy parameters. Such criteria in the laser cutting process are fulfilled by the dual-function BLM LC5 laser. It gives the possibility of processing sheets in sizes of 3000 mm x 1500 mm, pipes with a diameter of up to 120 mm and profiles with a diagonal not exceeding 130 mm. The advantage of Fly-Cut technology in thin sheet cutting i.e. materials up to 1.5mm in thickness is such that you can process material up to 50% faster than in conventional piercing routines. All laser cuttings are supervised by qualified technicians. Their knowledge and skills are the guarantee of precise process execution and the highest quality with repeatability in production of elements.

Laser cutting technologies

The use of state-of-the-art technological solutions in laser cutting gives us a huge production possibilities which can be used in such a way that our customers receive the highest quality products, while maintaining full repeatability. Immediately after receiving the order, our engineers carry out quotation and send it to the customer, so that immediately after price being accepted and productions times meet the requirements it is possible to achieve the shortest possible time to proceed with a production. We offer laser cutting according to the following specifications:

• Device: BLM LC5 dual-function laser
• Material: steel, inox - stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
• Maximum sheet format: 3000mm x 1500mm
• Pipe processing: up to Ø 120 mm
• Profile processing: up to 130 mm
• Automatic loading of pipes and profiles: from 6.5 m