The last stage of the technology process is the powder coating. At DABEW some of the most technologically advanced, fully automated powder coating lines are used for this process, thanks to which our products are very aesthetic and at the same time fully protected against corrosion and chemical agents. We offer powder painting of aluminium, steel and galvanized elements in three gloss levels and in all RAL colours.

Our coating technology

The mainframe of our paint shop is the Wagner SUPER CUBE cabin. It gives the possibility of processing elements with a maximum size of 300 cm x 80 cm x 200 cm. The cabin is equipped with 8 PEA-C4 XL 1.4 pistols and 2 PEM-X1 pistols, coordinated by the EPG S2 automated pistol driver. In addition the advanced Profi Tech M control system with a smart detail recognition technology allows to cover each element in a repetitive manner with a proper coating and accurate parameters.
To ensure the highest durability of paint, we use a BUDREM powder coating oven. In order for the painting process to be economically feasible and eco-friendly as possible, we equipped our cabin with the Monocyclone recovery system with a high separation factor (96%) ensuring very efficient paint recovery (16000 m3 / h).

Faster, more accurate and healthier

In our company, we approach the finishing stages in a very careful and responsible manner therefore the whole painting process is preceded by additional treatments, improving the cleanliness and adhesion of the surfaces. At the same time, we are constantly improving all stages of production in order to be able to achieve reliable quality and meet required deadlines. Our paint shop meets all requirements to maintain stated quality.