Dabew is a company with many years of experience on the steel products market. We have an extremely wide range of services in the field of metal processing. Our offer is wide and also includes, professional punching using the highest quality equipment - MOTORUM 2548 punching machines, which are innovative alternatives to traditional machines.

Looking for ways to increase production capabilities we had to face the challenge of punching metal elements. Professional approach, high level of quality of the process and at the same time energy savings are guaranteed by MOTORUM 2548 punching machine used by our qualified staff. Thanks to this device, we are able to punch the most complex shapes in a precise and repeatable manner. At the same time, the model chosen by us has numerous improvements in terms of configuration and programming which ensures fast execution of all orders. An additional advantage of our machine is the automated system of loading and unloading, which enables constant work-flow without the presence of an operator. As a result it is possible to lower costs of the entire production process and gain a positive impact on the environmental protection issues.