The Ultimate Elegance - this idea inspired us for designing our Boutique Line. As a result we established a product line combining the highest quality, premium materials with functionality and style. The biggest advantage of this product line is the ability to implement it into the most tasteful interiors. It is possible thanks to interchangeable, elegant rear panels that can be replaced in accordance with current colour trends and adapted to the nature of the articles displayed or the entire interior’s style Boutique line racks also represent our knowledge about functionality and ergonomics as well as all technical solutions that we have been gathering in DABEW for years. For our customers we have wall-mounted and free-standing double-sided options. This allows one to design a full interior for both small and larger area. The perfect functionality is complemented by shelf systems and sets of hangers and handles that enable an infinite number of stylish combinations of a proper display of goods and products.

Product features:

• Possibility to design a system consisting of wall shelving systems and free standing shelves
• Mobile sets of shelves, variable distances of hangers and railings
• Wall shelving and free standing systems
• Easy attachment of rack elements at the selected height and in the selected density
• Protection rails for lowest shelves against bumping with shopping trolleys
• Possibility to order additional elements of the interior styling: fittings, hangers

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