The Retail Line's task is, according to the name, to enable efficient trading. It is a system dedicated specifically to hypermarkets and large area stores. Our customers can submit an enquiry for a project for arranging the space based on wall modules and free-standing modules. The racks are equipped with easy-to-mount shelves, hangers and railings that give the opportunity to create combinations of merchandise expositions depending on the needs, merchandising projects and assortment features. The Retail Line is also a result of the experience and cooperation of the entire DABEW team. For designing of the line we used all knowledge and experience in satisfying needs of our clients. Therefore, in this option, we used a railing securing the lowest shelves from bumping with shopping trolleys and a system of easy-to-use plug-in sockets. Carefully finished, powder coated metal shelves meet the requirements of safety and hygiene. Other advantage is also a very easy assembly and efficient transport.

Product features:

Thanks to all products from this line one can consistently and comprehensively arrange any area of a small store, eg. with eco-products or conveniently prepare a separate zone in terms of style and functionality, within a larger commercial space.
• Possibility to design a system of wall shelving and free standing shelves
• Mobile sets of shelves, variable distances of hangers and railings
• Easy attachment of rack elements at the selected height and in the selected density
• Protection rails for lowest shelves against bumping with shopping trolleys
• Possibility to order additional elements of the interior styling: fittings, hangers
• Shelves with nice price labels expositions systems

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