Metal shelves

Having many years of experience with the best suppliers of commercial equipment allowed us to learn all needs and preferences in the field of our production and sales for demanding customers. In designing our systems, we also benefited from the experience and knowledge of professionals designing fully equipped stores. Our products will satisfy even the most demanding customer’s requirements, regardless of needs for criteria of safety, hygiene, mobility, lightness or beauty and style. Our shelving system was designed by the best designers from STUDIO 1 : 1, which has hundreds of works in its portfolio soon counted in thousands represented by designed stores from various industries. Based on the same elements by adding different materials, our clients can equip the store with almost every assortment. All elements of our systems are designed to fit on the Euro-pallet, which has a huge impact on lowering the cost of delivery and further successful assembly. Below is a list of some advantages, one should appreciate, when choosing our products:

  • Our own product lines were created based on the knowledge and many years of looking at the market, as well as the experience of our reliable and trusted partner STUDIO 1: 1, which we have the honour to cooperate with. Our main goal was to create projects that we proudly mark with the DABEW brand, promising unique products in terms of quality, functionality and design which we are happy to place in our customer’s hands.
  • Unlimited design possibilities: design vary from industrial to elegant minimalism. In addition, metal main bodies can be combined with any finishing materials such as wood, MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) natural stone, conglomerate or acryls.
  • Functionality and compatibility: the use of metal shelves allows to design and arrange any commercial space with fully adapted properties in terms of size, purpose and visual consistency with surrounding furnishing.
  • Mobility: our solutions are easy to dismantle, handy to transport and compact when folded.
  • Hygiene and safety: properly finished shop shelves meet the most restrictive conditions of approval for use and direct contact with products.
  • Ecology: most of the materials used in production, including steel, are 100% recyclable.